When was the last time you had portraits taken of yourself that made you feel enlivened?

I have been a portrait photographer for over 25 years, working with everyday women who do not initially care to be in front of a camera because they don’t feel photogenic enough, young enough, thin enough, glamorous enough, brave enough, et cetera. Well, I am here to show you that you are more than enough. As your photographer, it is actually my job to melt away your concerns and reveal to you what you may not see yourself or have forgotten. Most of my clients arrive feeling hesitant but, they leave confident, excited and even relieved, and you will too.

First, you and I will discuss how you want to look in your photos; enticing, bridal, girl-next-door or maybe even a little deviant? We will also talk about what to wear that feels comfortable while presenting your best features. Then, in a darkened private studio, with my complementary lighting, long running experience in directing you on how to pose, along with my colleague Veronica’s masterful touch ups, you will have a legacy collection of images that will remind you of just how enlivened you really are.


: I am fully vaccinated and may be wearing a mask or am happy to upon request.