You may not feel young enough, glamorous enough, or shapely enough to consider doing boudoirs, but you are more than enough. Audree has discretely and tastefully photographed nearly 2,000 women right her in Eastern Iowa. Her clients represent all shapes and ages from 21 to 72 who realize they’ve still got it! Audree has photographed brides on the verge of a new adventure, moms getting their groove back, medical professionals letting their hair down, and preacher’s wives lovingly indulging in their playful sides. Some do it for themselves as a source of empowerment, to celebrate special occasions or post-mastectomy successes, to restore their feminine identity, or to just put the vibe out there for their next special someone. 


Your comfort and safety are our priorities. You will be surprised by how relaxing the experience will be. From the moment you walk into the dimly lit and staged studio, Audree will capture every layer of your beauty and strength. Wear as much or as little as you like. Your photo shoot will take about an hour. Afterwards, you will look through your images and select from the 12, 20, or 25 Image Collection options. At your request, any image will be flawlessly touched up to minimize or erase cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks, etc, and make enhancements like contouring your chin, belly, bum, etc. Your collection will be in your hands within 2 to 3 weeks.


Boudoir photos are an unforgettable way to celebrate yourself, your wedding, anniversary, birthday, retirement, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, the first day of Spring, or to simply spice up date night. What are you waiting for? To become younger, thinner, or braver? This is your time. With lighting and posing alone, Audree will whisk away any perceived flaws while accentuating your best features. You will be so preoccupied with feeling beautiful (and trying to remember your left from your right) that your nerves will subside within minutes. 


A boudoir session is a personal and healthy growth experience. It can set the tone for a new relationship or reawaken a long-standing one. Provocative polaroids can be tucked into your partner’s desk drawer, suitcase, or golf bag. Looking for something to watch? Pop in your customized film and discover that HBO has nothing on you. Prints can be placed in your photo album a few at a time so that each time your partner sees them (while you happen to be wearing one of your outfits) you will both enjoy an evening to remember.

*Have you done this before? You’ve changed; so have we. Kliks has a new studio in the Cherry Building in NewBo with new backgrounds, new shoes, and an option for natural light for your Volume II. Surprise your partner, surprise yourself.


Reach us through email or give us a call, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Clients must be 21 years old. Normal turn around time is two weeks unless it’s November through February and then it’s three to four weeks.


Browse through Portfolios and Insights for ideas. You’re welcome to bring more so that we may sort through for the best options.

  • Personal items such as a golf club, helmet, jersey, military fatigues et cetera with matching lingerie.
  • Bridal gown, veil, wedding shoes, and your groom’s tie.
  • Consider fantasy glam wigs, leather, fur, bustier, shelf bras, costumes, and toys. You can do it!
  • Stockings offer an unexpected wow. If your’e not accustom to them, Audree will assist you. We prefer sheer or fishnet to solids. Stockings without elastic tops are best as the elastic can cut into your thighs.


  • Stilettos sizes 7-10ish in red, black, silver, pink
  • Rhinestones, pearls, silver and gold necklaces and bracelets (no earrings)
  • Bondage props


Apron shaped lingerie that has the sides cut out, man sized jerseys or strapless bras (strapless bustiers are fine) tend to be not complimentary. If you wear a baby doll, ensure that it is form-fitting and has ample chest support, otherwise, layer it with a complimentary bra. We are not able to touch ups anything under sheer material so, if you want to conceal something, wear a solid material.


We offer topless photos where we can show the entire bare chest or have your hands cover your chest. If you are wanting to go topless by covering with your hands, please bring a bra with this outfit so that we can have other posing options.


Affordable and fun pieces can be found locally at such places as Target. Items ordered online may take much longer than expected and may not fit properly so, plan your session date accordingly and order more than one size.

Thistle & SpireYandy.com, AmiclubWear.com, HipsAndCurves.com


Many clients do their own hair and make up or we can suggest professional stylists. A red lipstick option, false eyelashes, and hair extensions can be nice additions. There is no need to tan, we will add a warm glow to you.


Because you’ll be looking and feeling resplendent, you may want to have a pre-planned date night. Just tell your partner they were doing free makeovers at the mall. We look forward to creating this unforgettable gift with you!