Boudoir sessions are $95 but contact us regarding a $39 ‘deal’.  We appreciate you sincere intention to come to your appointment; we understand that unforeseeable things come up and we offer one rescheduled session.


Directly following your photo session, Audree will download your images while answering your touch up questions and suggesting photos that are the most complimentary. For security reasons, we do not email or put images on-line. We ask that men do not attend your session or view.


Images are available in prints, metals, standouts and canvas. Some women prefer larger images for their bedroom, walk-in closet, vacation home or man-cave. Other women prefer to put 5x7 prints into a private album. We insert the photos with clear corners in your choice of black or red fabric cover with black pages.


We appreciated your respect for our time and skill with a consideration for a minimum investment of $300. Rates are the same with or without touch ups.

  • 5×7  $42 print
  • 8×10  $53 print, $92 standout or metal
  • 11×14  $85 print, $140 standout or metal
  • 16×20  $95 print, $160 standout or metal
  • 16×24  $105 print, $180 standout
  • 20×30  $165 print, $300 standout or metal
  • 30×40  $215 print, $450 standout or metal

$30 photo album comes in your choice of black or red fabric cover, black pages and with Kliks inserting photos with clear corners.


Our photo albums hold up to (20+) 5×7 photos. When you purchase 18 photos, we’ll give you 2 additional photos free at an $84 value.


When you purchase over $630 worth of photos (15 or more 5x7s), you will get a flash drive that includes ALL the photos from your view, the touched-up digital images that you ordered and the 15+ prints.  Copyrights are waived so that you own the rights to your own photos for safe keeping, making calendars, enlargements, spontaneous texts and DVDs.


If you just want digital images with no prints or touch-ups, it is still $630 for all the photos you’ll see in your view (about 25+/- photos).


You may place half down at the time your order is placed and the other half when your photos are ready in about 2 weeks. We offer flexible layaway plans for up to 3 payments up to a 3 month time frame. With 15 touched-up photos, the album, the flash drive (with all the images from your view, not just the photos you ordered with copyrights waived) and tax, it will be (3) payments of $235. To fill your album with 18 photos (plus two additional free photos), the album, the flash drive and tax, it will be (3) payments of $280. You will receive your photos when they are paid in full.

You may consider spreading this gift to cover several occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, retirement or random spontaneous moments. We accept cash, pre-dated checks, Visa and MasterCard. You will receive your images upon receipt.

We accept cash, pre-dated checks or Visa/Master cards. When you place an order over $300 and pay with cash or check nstead of a card, we give you a 1% discount off your total.


It takes about 2 full weeks to have your photos touched up and back from the lab.  You’re welcome to pick your order up at our studio or we can mail your order through the US Postal Service at a $5+ fee (allow additional time to mail).


Photos are owned by Kliks and are protected under federal copyright law. Kliks takes security of your images very seriously. We are not a fly-by-night studio leaving you to question where your images went. We do not send images on-line or through email and we do not share them with anyone. If we would like to display a cropped-to-conceal-your-identity photo on our website, we will contact you beforehand.


Kliks is not responsible for photos after 30 days and does not guarantee eternal storage.