40 Years in The Making

The woman above explained, “My husband has been wanting these photos for 40 years. I’ve had a double mastectomy and going to do it!” When we later asked what his response was, she replied, “He got teary eyed.”

Wedding Gift

“These photos set the tone for our marriage. ‘Date Night’ often includes looking through the album together.”

A New Lease

The woman above plotted to give him the photos right before his retirement party, “So when they ask him ‘What are you going to do now?’ he can tell them!”

Self Confidence

“I used to see myself as an average woman but, he has always seen me as so much more and you captured that.  This was as much as a gift for me as it was for him.”

Angel In The Centerfold

“At first he was utterly speechless and then he couldn’t believe he had photos of his ‘very own centerfold!‘”.

Body Image

“Thank you for helping me feel proud of myself instead of embarrassed, which is how I’ve felt most of my life.”